Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sharing your Hunt Success

Just a quick hit post:

I have been thinking allot lately about how we hunt as a group.  A as group our mentality has always been if one person is successful, and takes home meat, we all take home meat.  This is the mentality we have always had, and always will.  To us we hunt as a group, help each other tracking down the game, then packing it out, so we all should share in the bounty.

So this got me wondering, is there different mentalities out there when it comes to sharing the fruits of a hunt. Is there the mentality that it was my tag so all the meat is mine, which to me, unless hunting by yourself, is a totally different way of thinking than what I am used too, especially if the whole group helps find and pack it out.

I have to say I love the group of guys I hunt with because it is truly a group effort in every aspect.  From putting the hunt together before hand, to sharing the meat afterward. Case and point, I ate tag soup last season, but still have a freezer full of meat, thanks to my generous friends who shared theirs with me, man I like hunting with them fellas.

Would love to hear any other thoughts.


  1. We all hunt as a group as well. My dad and brothers (and even their wives now) all help one another out. Even if we are hunting by ourselves, if we get a phone call or text saying that someone has just shot an animal, we all try and get out there to help track and pack the animal out.

    I guess we have the same mentality that you do. We all hunt as a group and there is a freezer full of deer and elk for us to go and grab a steak, or roast, or hamburger, . . .

    1. Precisely how we operate, once an animal is on the ground, all other hunting stop to focus on that. Get it dressed and out of the field.