Sunday, February 17, 2013

A morning hike and shed hunt

So I have been seeing allot of posts, blogs etc. about guys and gals going out shed hunting.  I have never been so thought, lets do this.  I called one of my hunting buddies last week and told him we need to get out of the house and go for a hike.  I had not expectations about finding anything,  and mainly just wanted to go get some exercise in the field instead of hour after hour on a treadmill or stepper at the gym.

We agreed and picked a spot were we thought some animals may be wintering and headed out Saturday morning to get our hike on.  We picked this spot mainly because it was fairly close and both of us had hunted in that area in past years, and had seen animals.  The way we figured it, if there were deer in there during hunting season, there would surely be some in there during the winter.

We loaded some gear in the packs, loaded into the truck and off we went, in search of some sheds.  We had not been on the trail very long and were already starting to see some deer, awesome. After seeing some, we headed off the main trail and down we went, figuring to find the shed we have to be down were the deer were.  Once off the beaten path, deer were running around everywhere, fantastic. It was at this point my buddy looked over in some brush and found a decent 4x4 muley shed that all kinds of junk on the bases, nice.  Guess I must have been too busy getting my camera out of my pack to get some pics of the animals.

We chased deer around for next few hours, getting in some great hill exercise.  We did not find any other sheds that day, not due to a lack of effort.  For me this was a great way to get in some off season exercise, and enjoy the great outdoors with a good buddy.  We were able to see some animals, find a nice shed, so to me, a very successful day over all.  I realized why so many guys get excited to shed hunt, its a great time in the field, and you do not have to worry about being quiet like during the hunting season.  Plus finding some bone on the ground is just awesome.

We will be heading out again in the very near future.

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