Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finding a balance in Hunting and Family life.

 I know this videos if several months old, and most of us have seen it, but man it still hits home for me.  The struggles I face every year going out hunting, spending time in the field.  To leave my family every year, to chase my passion, and wild game.  Trying to find the balance between the two can be very difficult, especially with a wife that does not hunt, and a young daughter not yet old enough too.

 I struggle with this throughout the year.  Knowing that when fall comes I will be wanting to spend multiple long weekends in the field away from them. So the rest of the year, I find myself avoiding other things that I could be out doing.  In my mind this saves up my time so I can spend that time in the field.  Probably not the right way to think, but is how my mind works.  I know my wife supports me in my adventures, at the same time, hates it when I leave.

How do you find that balance between the two?

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