Monday, June 10, 2013

Exposing our kids to the great outdoors

As and avid outdoors-man I have always tried to expose my daughter to the way of life I enjoy so much.  We have been heading to the hills camping ever since she was just a baby.  She looks forward to our trips every time.  From spending time in the hills, sitting by the camp fire at night, and of course the s'mores. 

This past trip was especially fun as she really got into more of the outdoor activities that I enjoy.  We were able to bring up the archery equipment, a few rifles and the fishing gear.  We were able to fit in all these activities in these trips, and she really enjoyed them all for the first time.  She could not get enough of shooting the bows of the small caliber rifles.  IT WAS AWESOME.  As a father and sportsman I could not have been happier that she was enjoying some of the things I enjoy so much.

I feel it is very important for me to expose her and other kids to these type of things as often as I can.  It is up to their own decision whether or not they take up those activities, but at least they have been exposed.  I have never tried to force my lifestyle on her, and never will.  I want her to enjoy things after making up her own mind about them.  I am just glad she made the right choice, lol.

So please take the time with your kids, and others, and expose them to the things we enjoy so much. 

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